1.2.2011 Transmediale day 1

“Tag Presents Alles, Was Sie Uber Chemie Wissen Mussen”
(Everything you need to know about chemistry)

Today I have went to a great exhibition of CTM, about the physical interaction between people and things, which explored the relationship between body and medium in audio and video installations, drawings and performances. There are totally 18 works in 3 halls. The one I like most is Bram Vreven, SPIN, 2010-2011, installation. He presents his work in two different ways. It is very memorable, because I saw it twice separately in an exhibition and he shows that, there are a lot of possible views of an artwork. He reminds me that, I should also admire a work in many different points of view. Moreover, really love the simple n unique outlook and concept of the work.
When we looking at the work “Joyce Hinterding, Aura, 2009, installation”, a staff prevent us to touch the surface of electronic work but he suggest us to approach it. It is so incompatible that the artist wants audiences get closeer to the work but do not get too close. As an audience, it is so weird that we can get nearby an interactive work without touching and there have not any guideline and sign to tell. I suggest that, there can be some little plastic wickers between the audience and the work, which can shows that the limit guidelines. The work arouses me to think about how I balance and control my work so that viewers can experience what I planned.

Transmediale Opening.

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2.2.2001 Transmediale day 2.

A smoky day
There are a lot of evens happen every day. We have to plan it detail and fix our time.


Today, I have joined 5 evens.


I attend a conference called “Radio Magic’. There are 4 guesses and share their first time experience of using radio. It is a kind of boring because they have spent 1/4 of the time on the topic of “What is your first experience of using radio”. Actually the content and attitude seems that they are just chatting with friends freely. But the stage is like a talk. I suppose there is much more information about the magic of radio but it doesn’t. I have a little disappointed about that.



@2:30pm: I attend a screening called “Dial Goes Around” It is a meaningful screening with 2 films. The first one is telling us how people learn telephone in 1940s when telephones have just developed. The second film is a documentary about workers who are working at service hotline in India. There are some interviews and which tells different stories about their life and value. It is so interesting that combine two films together. It makes me think about invent of telephone is beneficial to the world or not. It seems that telephone is so useful because people can call the other one who lives far away, even more than millions of meter. However, the development of telephone also makes some third world countries like India suffer from it. Telephones become a tool which earn money for the first world countries. It is because a lot of Indian work in call center for foreign companies and use English to instruct and sell consumers about the technical devices with low paid. Actually, the Indian earn a little and work for a long time. I keep wondering that we are developing many technologies nowadays and what will happen in the future. It will be weapon or something harmful to human life?



@ 4:00p.m: I have waited for a long time to access “Spatial Sound Sculpture”. That is very similar to the work “The Golden Calf”, by our dean Jeffrey Shaw. The audience used to hole a monitor, and through tracking of black and white codes, there will be a 3D sculpture shows on it, which we cannot see the sculpture in the real.  Actually, Jeffery has done a better work about the similar idea. Firstly, he has done that in 1994, it is already a developed work piece, and I am confusing in why the artists make it again. Secondly, Jeffery Shaw thinks that the action that people move the monitors in front of white pedestal is a kind of worshiping the calf. It also means people are worshiping in technology nowadays. The reason and medium that Jeffery used is very fine and complete. It is different with “Spatial Sound Sculpture”. I have asked the artist what is the meaning of this sculpture? He doesn’t reply me and ignore me. I have found some descriptions about the work, but there are only content about how they make it and how magic it is. However, I think that, it is interesting that they use spatial to present sculpture, which means the real of their “sculpture”.

“It might not good in every event, but there should be some powerful work in the festival.” A teacher told me about it, which I really agree with. And she turns my expectation in the right mode.

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3.2.2001 Transmediale day 3

10:00a.m. Today, I join a workshop called “Open Digital Radio”. It seems like an interesting workshop to build and deconstruct a radio. However, he teaches in a professional way and there are a lot of difficult terms for me. There is plenty much information about physics. Actually, I have learn something just like the future of radio, software defined radio only.

13:00-15:00p.m. In the afternoon, I attend a workshop called “WOPPOW”. It may be the funniest workshop I have been in transmediale. We have to work as factory workers who reproduce second hand clothes for 3 hours. This art work is about extent piracy tactics in Germany which is not only a visual language but a genuine fashion line.  The work is very serious, we have to sign a contract which tell us that we have to work for 3 hours for 0.5 euro. And also we have to follow a man’s guideline on how to do every step. It is so interesting that there is a fashion factory in an exhibition hall. Moreover, it’s really a real performance by the audience. It is because when we are making the clothes, there are a lot of people surrounding and take photos with us, and also there are some local radio interview us. However, I am really tired and want to leave after 2 hours. I think that I can’t be myself with my ideas and time of working. It is because there is a boss and designer (the characters of the artists) keeping a watchful eye on us. It makes me link up to the film “Dial Goes Around”, which tell us how the workers live and the situation that without freedom. Actually, people are concerning about them in the other side of the world?
(On the left side)He is the “designer” who holding this workshop.

Our works have exhibit in the festival!!!

Screening called “Arab Shorts 2010”
A performance called “Latent Figure Protocol”, which using DNA to create pictures.
A CTM performance called “Loud Luggage”

The thing I like most is that, I have got plenty of freedom in the festival. I can leave and join by my interest and time. I plan by myself and the plan can change freely.

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4.2.2001 Transmediale day 4

11:00a.m. A stop motion screening called “The Secrets Trilogy”. The works are present in three rooms, some of them include only 1 screen, and some of them include 2 screens. The ingenious artists made videos in different positions and very stimulate on visual. I like the space that they use and the narrative of it. The work is something which is between real and not real.

13:00p.m. Facebook Resistance
I have enjoyed a lot of things about internet hacking.


14:20p.m. “_Social Tesseracting: Part 1-3”
This is a work very interest that you can interact with artists when you listening a headphone in a room and playing the little things there. I feel so funny because artist can notice how the audience think and feel without looking at each other, it is in an appearance and disappearance situation.

14:30-16:30p.m. A Screening called “Imaginary Travels”
There are 8 videos in total. I like the video which include two sides of buildings, one is upside down and which sticking together with original one, it seems likes a special city in the sky.



18:30-20:00p.m. A Screening called “Ho Tzu Nyen Special by Ho Tzu Nyen”
It screens 3 films by a Singapore artist Ho Tzu Nyen. He said something which is very inspiring me “There are no message clearly. If there are message, I would like to say it rather than make an artwork.” I really appreciate what he said and his value of art. And also, he thinks that when you go into a court, it seems like acting because you dress yourself and you speak in formal way etc. Therefore, he makes a film in court and the characters like opera acting there. I think this work is similar to the key concept of epic theater. The ideas and concept that he shares is very interesting, somehow it is quiet philosophy.



“RE: by Bram Snijders, Carolien Teunisse”
Really like this work, it project to itself with a lot of amazing pattern.

Performance of “INJECT by Herman Kolgen” and “Face Visualizer: Instrument and Copy by Daito Manabe”
In the work of INJECT, I really enjoy the visual part, it’s like a video of painting. But, I am wondering why the Canada Artist has to generate video as a live performance. It is because every time can be different? Actually as an audience, I can’t really remember the hold film until I have watched 20 times. I want to know the different between screening a video and a video life performance on this work.

I think the performance of “Face Visualizer” is very interesting that seeing embarrass face of Ei wada. But it is so hurt that all the audiences focus on the performance of Ei wada but not Daito Manabe.

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5.2.2001 Transmediale day 5

We go to a Sunday market in this morning. It is very very windy and some of the stalls are under control.



We arrive to the hall at 1p.m. but the Modul 1 have started so we have to wait for 14:30 Modul 2

start from 14:30 p.m. Modul 2,3,4,1
It is a 360 degree’s screen. When looking at the work, it inspires me that, it can create a part which only a white screen, without image. It will be a work that not only looking at the screen but also look at the people around you. I think “Mondul” is really a good piece that the artist controls everything well, include the use of visual image, sound and space… Also I really like the part that he turns off the screens and there are only sound surrounding you. Therefore, I will not attract by the visual image, and I can only focus on the sound. It really gives me a lot of imagination. I love this part most because it like raining in an artistic way, also the sound and visual is so match. It creates a romantic mood and makes me fall into the atmosphere. I feel that someone is talking to me and telling me about how romantic it is. The artist is also very skillful in using lines to create distance. I think he has used the perfect medium to present it. Really love this work!!!! Then, we spend a whole day to enjoy 4 of it!! The performance is so inspire me.

We are so enjoy in it, so we have wait for the night performance of Modul 1. It is so amazing!

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6.2.2001 Transmediale day 6

We took a picture with Transmediale poster. Really appreciate that each of the poster is different, they cut it out from the original one and stick it in different way on the board.

2:30p.m. Live on TV

This is the screening that I really love to! There are totally 7 videos. The one I like most is “Everytime” by Camille Verbunt, it is a collage of the homemade videos. There are a lot of girls who take singing videos by themselves. The magic is that we often see those videos on Youtube. When it becomes a collage, they all together and sing together, it’s like a choir singing in front of you. It is so interesting that they are separate but they are being together.


20:30-21:30 p.m. Bacteria Orchestra

This is the last show of transmediale. It is so interesting that there is a speaker telling the background of the work and how transmediale corporate with the artists. I remember that he said he have received an order to buy 50kg ginger for this art work, however, they only need 5kg of them. He faces a lot of problem with this mistake. Actually, I think the outlook of the work is so interesting. But it doesn’t really seem like an orchestra, because the sound doesn’t change pretty much. It is so interesting in using this material to present the work, and also they just like scientists. Nevertheless, I don’t really know what they are doing clearly.

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This is a day for charging energy as the festival have finished. We walk on the street unhurried and go through the places in Berlin.

Today, I recollect memories in the whole of Transmediale. It is not very full of inspiration for me. But I am so exciting on enjoy a lot of works. And also listen to a lot of artist’s talk and how they think about art. I am so glad that I have joined a grand occasion. I think that it is not marvelous in every work, talk and screening…I know that is not a must. Therefore, if there is an excellent work I meet, it is very treasure. It tells be that do not underestimate any work.

Actually, transmediale is abundant of events. We can see that the timetable is full of content and well organize. For instance, some of the events will repeat, so that the audience will not miss it. Moreover, they did very well even in the every little thing. For example the different posters that I have mentioned before, arrange of site, the sign and the information book. The book is very very user-friendly. I love the organization very much. I have learned a lot on how they organize a festival in Transmediale.

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