5.2.2001 Transmediale day 5

We go to a Sunday market in this morning. It is very very windy and some of the stalls are under control.



We arrive to the hall at 1p.m. but the Modul 1 have started so we have to wait for 14:30 Modul 2

start from 14:30 p.m. Modul 2,3,4,1
It is a 360 degree’s screen. When looking at the work, it inspires me that, it can create a part which only a white screen, without image. It will be a work that not only looking at the screen but also look at the people around you. I think “Mondul” is really a good piece that the artist controls everything well, include the use of visual image, sound and space… Also I really like the part that he turns off the screens and there are only sound surrounding you. Therefore, I will not attract by the visual image, and I can only focus on the sound. It really gives me a lot of imagination. I love this part most because it like raining in an artistic way, also the sound and visual is so match. It creates a romantic mood and makes me fall into the atmosphere. I feel that someone is talking to me and telling me about how romantic it is. The artist is also very skillful in using lines to create distance. I think he has used the perfect medium to present it. Really love this work!!!! Then, we spend a whole day to enjoy 4 of it!! The performance is so inspire me.

We are so enjoy in it, so we have wait for the night performance of Modul 1. It is so amazing!

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