We wake up because house owner kick on our door and tell us that, we have to stop using any kind of water because they are raining down stair.

Today we go to Jewish Holocaust Memorial. I am so admiring what the German do. They really brave in facing their fault which is also an action of responsibility. They build and descript everything detail for holocaust of Jewish. This reaction makes me ashamed that Japanese and Chinese can’t do that. Japanese do not admit what they have done and how they encroached China in World War 2, even in the 21th century. Also Chinese government does not admit what they have done in the 4th of June. The different between Asia and Germany make me feel sad about it.

The design of interface is so detail, it makes people like silence to express mourning.

I also feel depress on how the Jewish faced in World War 2. Their story was so pitiful and made me painful.

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A little discovery/ thinking about the culture of Germany.

Today, we have to take a train to go to Karlsruhe. We are so massy that taking the luggage and pull it up n down on the stairs on the 6:00a.m. The people never try to help us or even walking rudely between us.  It is so weird that, the people we met in Berlin are so kind and helpful. Actually, the people are conduct themselves with dignity. They are very independent and seldom lives in a close community way. So they rarely help neighbor voluntarily. It is different in England. Man always help woman actively in England, it will be ashamed if they don’t help. That’s why German seldom bias to the other. They rarely do that on their face even they have bias. It is because they do not live in a close community to the neighbors so they seldom group together and attack others.

I don’t know if that is true or not but this is what I discover.

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10.2.2011 ZKM

The ZKM museum is full of works and makes me crazy. I am so exciting that I can meet plenty of art works which I have learned in class.

The one I like most is a work called “Beyond Pages”, it is a book with interaction to the room and other special effect. I really addicted into that piece, it is because it gives me a lot of surprise on using the space, visual and sound. I think that most of the works is very presentable, just like “Beyond Pages”. It is so interesting that try by error on experiencing different new media art works. This is what interaction and new media is. You will find the interesting point of the work if you try by your own. Therefore, I like installation and interface works more than video and the works only by clicking something in computer.

Really like this piece, “Movies”. It use a magic way to transfer the sound from our bone to our ears. However, I cannot understand what I heard, because it was German. Art is a language, however I can’t understand Germany. Therefore, the work can be an language that tells people about themselves? I really want to know what “Movies” is about and what the connection between the content and the work is.
A amazing work, “The tree of knowledge”

marvelous work by Jeffery Shaw which 3D images and letters surrounding you, not only on a screen but also everywhere around u.

I have absorbed a lot of works, concepts and inspiration today. I think it will be better if we can visit the museum separate in two days, so that I can digest it. I can understand that why there are not so much work in a exhibition usually. It is because people will not side track on other works, and also viewers can remember more about on a single work.

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A first new page!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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it is not easy to post xanga here…T/T


琴晚一到達經已食到我最想食的韓國菜….yeah yummy…com on chua!!


更加去了一些week end 才有的MARKET….好多handmade同art野….興奮到暈啦!!!

跟鄭家+豆一起真的很開心!!!!晚上又有japanese buffet….wow!!!

期待明天去hillsong church崇拜!!!!!!!

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感謝主,終於可以unload xanga la!!!
呢個星期去了Adelaide + Brisbane…..Yeah!!!勁正勁靚ar!!!

最值得紀念是Jackie’s graduation day…


It is really great that Jackie booked a car of Suzuki XDXD
還去了Handuff!!!! 我們叫作德國村的地方…!!!


還有chocolate banana,中間有chocolate ga!!!!

I like the view here, which is really wonderful!!!! 

We r now in gold coast now!!!!!! 真係靚到暈
仲有3間大房廳,開放式廚房, 洗衣房

期待黎緊既movie world + dream worldXD

感謝主祂成為了我們真正最大的Traveling Planner!!!
its PERFECT!!!!!
經歷了很多感受很多, 但時間不夠, 要給哥哥用XDXD

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