3.2.2001 Transmediale day 3

10:00a.m. Today, I join a workshop called “Open Digital Radio”. It seems like an interesting workshop to build and deconstruct a radio. However, he teaches in a professional way and there are a lot of difficult terms for me. There is plenty much information about physics. Actually, I have learn something just like the future of radio, software defined radio only.

13:00-15:00p.m. In the afternoon, I attend a workshop called “WOPPOW”. It may be the funniest workshop I have been in transmediale. We have to work as factory workers who reproduce second hand clothes for 3 hours. This art work is about extent piracy tactics in Germany which is not only a visual language but a genuine fashion line.  The work is very serious, we have to sign a contract which tell us that we have to work for 3 hours for 0.5 euro. And also we have to follow a man’s guideline on how to do every step. It is so interesting that there is a fashion factory in an exhibition hall. Moreover, it’s really a real performance by the audience. It is because when we are making the clothes, there are a lot of people surrounding and take photos with us, and also there are some local radio interview us. However, I am really tired and want to leave after 2 hours. I think that I can’t be myself with my ideas and time of working. It is because there is a boss and designer (the characters of the artists) keeping a watchful eye on us. It makes me link up to the film “Dial Goes Around”, which tell us how the workers live and the situation that without freedom. Actually, people are concerning about them in the other side of the world?
(On the left side)He is the “designer” who holding this workshop.

Our works have exhibit in the festival!!!

Screening called “Arab Shorts 2010”
A performance called “Latent Figure Protocol”, which using DNA to create pictures.
A CTM performance called “Loud Luggage”

The thing I like most is that, I have got plenty of freedom in the festival. I can leave and join by my interest and time. I plan by myself and the plan can change freely.

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