A little discovery/ thinking about the culture of Germany.

Today, we have to take a train to go to Karlsruhe. We are so massy that taking the luggage and pull it up n down on the stairs on the 6:00a.m. The people never try to help us or even walking rudely between us.  It is so weird that, the people we met in Berlin are so kind and helpful. Actually, the people are conduct themselves with dignity. They are very independent and seldom lives in a close community way. So they rarely help neighbor voluntarily. It is different in England. Man always help woman actively in England, it will be ashamed if they don’t help. That’s why German seldom bias to the other. They rarely do that on their face even they have bias. It is because they do not live in a close community to the neighbors so they seldom group together and attack others.

I don’t know if that is true or not but this is what I discover.

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