6.2.2001 Transmediale day 6

We took a picture with Transmediale poster. Really appreciate that each of the poster is different, they cut it out from the original one and stick it in different way on the board.

2:30p.m. Live on TV

This is the screening that I really love to! There are totally 7 videos. The one I like most is “Everytime” by Camille Verbunt, it is a collage of the homemade videos. There are a lot of girls who take singing videos by themselves. The magic is that we often see those videos on Youtube. When it becomes a collage, they all together and sing together, it’s like a choir singing in front of you. It is so interesting that they are separate but they are being together.


20:30-21:30 p.m. Bacteria Orchestra

This is the last show of transmediale. It is so interesting that there is a speaker telling the background of the work and how transmediale corporate with the artists. I remember that he said he have received an order to buy 50kg ginger for this art work, however, they only need 5kg of them. He faces a lot of problem with this mistake. Actually, I think the outlook of the work is so interesting. But it doesn’t really seem like an orchestra, because the sound doesn’t change pretty much. It is so interesting in using this material to present the work, and also they just like scientists. Nevertheless, I don’t really know what they are doing clearly.

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