2.2.2001 Transmediale day 2.

A smoky day
There are a lot of evens happen every day. We have to plan it detail and fix our time.


Today, I have joined 5 evens.


I attend a conference called “Radio Magic’. There are 4 guesses and share their first time experience of using radio. It is a kind of boring because they have spent 1/4 of the time on the topic of “What is your first experience of using radio”. Actually the content and attitude seems that they are just chatting with friends freely. But the stage is like a talk. I suppose there is much more information about the magic of radio but it doesn’t. I have a little disappointed about that.



@2:30pm: I attend a screening called “Dial Goes Around” It is a meaningful screening with 2 films. The first one is telling us how people learn telephone in 1940s when telephones have just developed. The second film is a documentary about workers who are working at service hotline in India. There are some interviews and which tells different stories about their life and value. It is so interesting that combine two films together. It makes me think about invent of telephone is beneficial to the world or not. It seems that telephone is so useful because people can call the other one who lives far away, even more than millions of meter. However, the development of telephone also makes some third world countries like India suffer from it. Telephones become a tool which earn money for the first world countries. It is because a lot of Indian work in call center for foreign companies and use English to instruct and sell consumers about the technical devices with low paid. Actually, the Indian earn a little and work for a long time. I keep wondering that we are developing many technologies nowadays and what will happen in the future. It will be weapon or something harmful to human life?



@ 4:00p.m: I have waited for a long time to access “Spatial Sound Sculpture”. That is very similar to the work “The Golden Calf”, by our dean Jeffrey Shaw. The audience used to hole a monitor, and through tracking of black and white codes, there will be a 3D sculpture shows on it, which we cannot see the sculpture in the real.  Actually, Jeffery has done a better work about the similar idea. Firstly, he has done that in 1994, it is already a developed work piece, and I am confusing in why the artists make it again. Secondly, Jeffery Shaw thinks that the action that people move the monitors in front of white pedestal is a kind of worshiping the calf. It also means people are worshiping in technology nowadays. The reason and medium that Jeffery used is very fine and complete. It is different with “Spatial Sound Sculpture”. I have asked the artist what is the meaning of this sculpture? He doesn’t reply me and ignore me. I have found some descriptions about the work, but there are only content about how they make it and how magic it is. However, I think that, it is interesting that they use spatial to present sculpture, which means the real of their “sculpture”.

“It might not good in every event, but there should be some powerful work in the festival.” A teacher told me about it, which I really agree with. And she turns my expectation in the right mode.

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