it is not easy to post xanga here…T/T


琴晚一到達經已食到我最想食的韓國菜….yeah yummy…com on chua!!


更加去了一些week end 才有的MARKET….好多handmade同art野….興奮到暈啦!!!

跟鄭家+豆一起真的很開心!!!!晚上又有japanese buffet….wow!!!

期待明天去hillsong church崇拜!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to

  1. ERIC_Hoyin says:

    YEHYEH!!!!><I ‘m so excited too!!!

  2. lewlewiss says:

    hillsong church..!!!?!?!rahhh

  3. yi_fung says:

    gorgoryeahhhhhhhh…its really really great!!kitya!!!!!!!!!share wif u later on!!dou…=3=y dont u wake me up…hummis u so…

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