We wake up because house owner kick on our door and tell us that, we have to stop using any kind of water because they are raining down stair.

Today we go to Jewish Holocaust Memorial. I am so admiring what the German do. They really brave in facing their fault which is also an action of responsibility. They build and descript everything detail for holocaust of Jewish. This reaction makes me ashamed that Japanese and Chinese can’t do that. Japanese do not admit what they have done and how they encroached China in World War 2, even in the 21th century. Also Chinese government does not admit what they have done in the 4th of June. The different between Asia and Germany make me feel sad about it.

The design of interface is so detail, it makes people like silence to express mourning.

I also feel depress on how the Jewish faced in World War 2. Their story was so pitiful and made me painful.

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