1.2.2011 Transmediale day 1

“Tag Presents Alles, Was Sie Uber Chemie Wissen Mussen”
(Everything you need to know about chemistry)

Today I have went to a great exhibition of CTM, about the physical interaction between people and things, which explored the relationship between body and medium in audio and video installations, drawings and performances. There are totally 18 works in 3 halls. The one I like most is Bram Vreven, SPIN, 2010-2011, installation. He presents his work in two different ways. It is very memorable, because I saw it twice separately in an exhibition and he shows that, there are a lot of possible views of an artwork. He reminds me that, I should also admire a work in many different points of view. Moreover, really love the simple n unique outlook and concept of the work.
When we looking at the work “Joyce Hinterding, Aura, 2009, installation”, a staff prevent us to touch the surface of electronic work but he suggest us to approach it. It is so incompatible that the artist wants audiences get closeer to the work but do not get too close. As an audience, it is so weird that we can get nearby an interactive work without touching and there have not any guideline and sign to tell. I suggest that, there can be some little plastic wickers between the audience and the work, which can shows that the limit guidelines. The work arouses me to think about how I balance and control my work so that viewers can experience what I planned.

Transmediale Opening.

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