4.2.2001 Transmediale day 4

11:00a.m. A stop motion screening called “The Secrets Trilogy”. The works are present in three rooms, some of them include only 1 screen, and some of them include 2 screens. The ingenious artists made videos in different positions and very stimulate on visual. I like the space that they use and the narrative of it. The work is something which is between real and not real.

13:00p.m. Facebook Resistance
I have enjoyed a lot of things about internet hacking.


14:20p.m. “_Social Tesseracting: Part 1-3”
This is a work very interest that you can interact with artists when you listening a headphone in a room and playing the little things there. I feel so funny because artist can notice how the audience think and feel without looking at each other, it is in an appearance and disappearance situation.

14:30-16:30p.m. A Screening called “Imaginary Travels”
There are 8 videos in total. I like the video which include two sides of buildings, one is upside down and which sticking together with original one, it seems likes a special city in the sky.



18:30-20:00p.m. A Screening called “Ho Tzu Nyen Special by Ho Tzu Nyen”
It screens 3 films by a Singapore artist Ho Tzu Nyen. He said something which is very inspiring me “There are no message clearly. If there are message, I would like to say it rather than make an artwork.” I really appreciate what he said and his value of art. And also, he thinks that when you go into a court, it seems like acting because you dress yourself and you speak in formal way etc. Therefore, he makes a film in court and the characters like opera acting there. I think this work is similar to the key concept of epic theater. The ideas and concept that he shares is very interesting, somehow it is quiet philosophy.



“RE: by Bram Snijders, Carolien Teunisse”
Really like this work, it project to itself with a lot of amazing pattern.

Performance of “INJECT by Herman Kolgen” and “Face Visualizer: Instrument and Copy by Daito Manabe”
In the work of INJECT, I really enjoy the visual part, it’s like a video of painting. But, I am wondering why the Canada Artist has to generate video as a live performance. It is because every time can be different? Actually as an audience, I can’t really remember the hold film until I have watched 20 times. I want to know the different between screening a video and a video life performance on this work.

I think the performance of “Face Visualizer” is very interesting that seeing embarrass face of Ei wada. But it is so hurt that all the audiences focus on the performance of Ei wada but not Daito Manabe.

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