I was CONFUSED of my 
A-level and my future

hey guy wt r u looking for?
why r u here?
wt r u goin to do?
Have u confirmed that u have enough quality?

too many questions in my mind!!!
But Now I SEE!!

because GOD is here!!









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6 Responses to

  1. GnueHC_wonG says:


  2. yi_fung says:

    yeah!so happy!我們在經歷緊同一樣的事嘛!真係好奇妙,今日我不斷捻起呢句野果然出人意外的平安臨到我相信你也一樣=]He is our amazing god!!加油

  3. ERIC_Hoyin says:

    I think CONFUSED feeling is not abnormal., it give us choices of choosing to believe in Jesus.!!~No confusion, faith has not been challenged yet. ~~ Keep the faith!!~我昨晚禱告的領受是.., 不論得時,不得時,都要竭力向上帝求平安與喜愛.!!~That’s what I could die for.!!~

  4. lokshu says:

    “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Corinthians 2:9
    神 為 愛 他 的 人 所 預 備 的 、 是 眼 睛 未 曾 看 見 、 耳 朵 未 曾 聽 見 、 人 心 也 未 曾 想 到 的
    i know that fungfung loves the Lord her God, and she will be afraid of nothing because she has Jesus 🙂
    love u very much, praying for u everyday~

  5. yi_fung says:

    RE gor goroh…yes~!多謝你鼓勵,考試時我一直想著你這句說話。於是我竭力追求。

  6. yi_fung says:

    RE lok shu tse tseoh!!!這句經文我經歷了,也感受到,神真係好奇妙呀!thank you soooo much!!!!!!

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