We can change the world



wt can i do….?

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  1. lauwingleung says:


  2. viv_chiu says:

    would suggest you to come to the UK… because it provides a better education than aussie…
    However, if you r really afraid of being bored, then choose aussie.. Because u will definitely get quite bored if u r goin to boarding school….
    but ur future is more important i think….

  3. Anonymous says:

    其實兩邊都差唔多, UK 可能發展機會仲會大 d, 不如祈下禱問下神既意見啊..~ xDDD

  4. iam3bi says:

    英國若果讀art 更加英國.

  5. ma_lui_mui says:

    and see me!!!!!! xDxD
    but 英國 should be really fun too gehh…
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRESENT AND NOTE!!! go mah xanga and see see mah thanxx^^
    heheheee…i’m prayin for you…you need as much oil for “add oil” as me rite now…=PP
    God will give you all the wisdom and strenght you need for these exams…MUAH*

  6. lokshu says:

    uk and aus are very different… very very different…
    in terms of academic, maybe UK is better, however the weather and the people are not always pleasant. also it is more $$!!
    and for aus… u will have the cheng family!! ^^”
    looking forward in seeing u in july my dear~

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